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The Humanitarian crisis in Georgia

An unfortunate man - Lilo IDP Camp - August 2008Whilst the rest of the world was settling down to watch the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a war broke out in the North Caucasus Mountains.

The background and course of the war is well documented.

It was a very short war.

Unfortunately, the consequences for the innocent people caught up in the cross-fire are both painful and deadly. Families fled from the conflict zone leaving their homes and possessions, many of which were destroyed and lost forever, as were livelihoods, and lives. Thousands, mostly women and children who fled their villages and homes, now live in subzero temperatures within dark & damp old buildings, abandoned since the soviet era, without running water, electricity, or heating while the winter snows build up outside.

The Humanitarian & Development Foundation (HDF) was set up in the earliest days of the war to cope with the anticipated, and delivered, humanitarian crisis. Coming, as it did, in the searing heat of a Georgian summer, the sudden movement of thousands of people at a time of war created a huge problem, both for the authorities and the aid agencies. Make-shift centres and camps were set-up to house the refugees, some in tents, some in schools, some in sports halls, and the aid agencies set about looking after the people as best they could. The HDF helped by providing logistics, supplies, and doctors, working around the clock alongside the other aid agencies.

Although the war is over, the suffering is not. Many people cannot return to their homes. For these people the future is grim, and they need on-going help to re-build their shattered lives, at a time when a global financial crisis is causing bankruptcy, job losses and cut backs on overseas aid by many countries. The HDF has committed itself to raise awareness of the crisis, and to assist the other aid agencies in whatever way possible to help the people improve their quality of life, by promoting and participating in campaigns to raise funds to provide continued food, clothing, medical supplies and shelter, and to provide education and counselling services in a bid to promote self sustainment amongst those who were displaced by the war.

To this end, we need your help. Please spare a few moments to browse through our photo gallery. Some of the photos show scenes from the aftermath of the war which have never been published before. Then please send a donation to us.

We are aware that the current era is one of global hardship, which makes our task so much harder. We require donations, no matter how small, to allow us to continue with the work we have started. Imagine, if you can, suddenly finding yourself in a state of complete helplessness, reliant of the help of others whilst all the time fearful that you will be abandoned. You know that the people who help you do their best but you also know that, once the media spotlight is turned away, people will forget about your plight.

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